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Erneute Auszeichnung für Hepp Wenger Ryffel

iam Patent 1000

Wir freuen uns über eine erneute Anerkennung in der Ausgabe 2020 des iam Patent 1000:

“One of the elite patent attorney groups in Switzerland and internationally, Hepp Wenger Ryffel is an obvious choice for prosecution and technical support in the most challenging cases. They are wonderfully responsive, incredibly skilled across all areas and combine it all into a cost-effective package.” Christoph Müller is a key player in the medical technology field and a repository of trust for the likes of Abbott Laboratories. “Christoph provides in-depth analyses of complicated issues very quickly – he is able to explain complex engineering points well and can respond to counterarguments on the spot.” Colleague Martin Wilming never misses a legal development and “performs outstandingly in court, where he can rebut any argument that is thrown at him. He is a great partner to have – he is efficient, on time and finds creative paths that lead to a successful outcome”. He recently linked up with Andreas Welch to assist Polymetrix in US proceedings. “A go-to for pharmaceutical matters”, Welch brings valuable industry insight and a keen sense for managing global litigation to the table. IAM Patent 1000 newcomer Susanna Ruder “leaves peers in awe of her mechanical engineering and legal skillset. She always looks out for clients’ best interests and is a pleasure to collaborate with.”